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ceptibly, surely, as into their future. Beyond them, in other
fields out of sight, other men were, and women in houses, and
men in the streets of the towns.

He stared at the three figures so far below him in the field,
suspended there in the wide, bright, brittle fullness of light,
and he almost started up to call, to wave his arms, like a
traveller lost in some desert country who sees far off, or thinks
he sees, other men of his party moving confidently and serenely
and unheedingly to disappear beyond some fold or abut-
ment of the landscape, or into distance. But he did not. He
lay on the ground, with his head on his arms, shaken, sud-
denly, by that common scene below him, more than he had
been by the hardships of his flight, or the clung-to recollec-
tion of happinesses and distresses past, or the news of the
birth of his son.

"Oklahoma," Willie Proudfit said.

" They say a man kin git a start," Sylvestus said.

" A long time since I seen hit," Willie Proudfit answered,
He shifted a little, and the boards of the porch gave creak*
ingly in the dark. Then he said: "Folks was goen in then.
To git a start, and a-hope-en. And fer one reason or 'nuther.
Some just a move-en kind of folks, just move-en on. Lak I
was, them days. The buffalo petered out, and they wasn't no
more, whar Fd seen 'em black the ground off yander, when a
man looked. So I moved on, west. But I come back here.
But a lot of folks, they ne'er come back, nowhar."

He waited awhile, then he said: " I come back, and left the
dry country. But a man ne'er knows. Maybe I'll be goen
back. To Oklahoma, maybe."

"Sweat fer nuthen," the nephew said, "in this country."

" Maybe I'll be goen agin/' Willie Proudfit said, " and the
time comes. If they's a place for a man to go nowadays. My
pappy up and left here, and he ne'er aimed to, till the time
come. Hit was in 'sixty-one and the war a-starten. My pappy
wasn't easy in his mind. He never was no Bible-man exactly,
but he studied on the shooten and the killen, and he prayed